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Woman whose morals and/or standards are at or below absolute zero. Will do just about anything with anyone or anything.
"Damn, that's the third different guy to spend the night at her place this week. She's not just a whore, she's a whoredog!
by cyclopath February 27, 2010
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The male equivalent to "whore" or "slut" relating to the fact that dogs as species are non-manogamous and the males will eagerly lap at any passing bitch's vulva if it so suites him.
The Frenchman is the suave whore dog; the Spaniard is the religious whore dog; the Italian is the lazy whore dog; and the Greek is the sleazy whore dog.
by Janu Haru January 25, 2017
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A whore dog is a man whore or slut. A male that will fuck anything or anybody that walks no matter how they look or smell.
Your man is such a whore dog,why do you stay with him?
by lil miss April 13, 2006
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