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The dirtiest, nastiest, most disgusting insult someone can be called. While "cunt" is offensive, a whorecunt is much more offensive, as it adds assumed STDs and other festering diseases associated with the private parts of night walkers. May be abbreviated as "W.C."
My sister told my parents about my beer stash. Why does she have to be such a whorecunt?
by Tonberry2k December 06, 2006
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When a bitch is such a cunt that the word cunt doesn't even describe her.
Why don't you go fuck my cousin again you fucking whorecunt!
by vagwrecker August 14, 2010
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That one girl that comes along once a century, like the perfect storm, who has the unique ability to be both a whore, AND a cunt.
She fucked another guy the day after they broke up ? What a WhoreCunt!
by Pawn Star December 12, 2009
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Quite simply the upper eschelan of both the whore and cunt wolrds. This bitch is not only nasty but slutty, rude, and uggo fuggo. The true criteria is only met when the whore or cunt in question displays an undeserving sense of self worth.
Jake- So my ex is fucking my best friend, neighbor, and mailman nut she keeps posting on myspace that i broke her heart.

Amir- What a Whore Cunt!!!
by Fjbentley June 01, 2009
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A woman who is such a bitch that either the word "whore" or "cunt" does not fully express her shortcomings.
That Jude, she is such a whorecunt she should be reported to the Cunt Police.
by BlumpmeisterFlash April 16, 2012
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A prostitute's vagina, or action with a female prostitute.
I got my first taste of whorecunt, and it set me back $300.
by Tropo January 21, 2003
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