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Similar to the word "whoopdifuckindo" : whoopdifrickindo is for those rare situations when you have to verbally filter what you say, whether due to a beloved auntie that happens to be walking by or because you want to show your adopted child what you really think of his shitty ass and meaningless accomplishments but he is too young to swear at.

Written by: Kallem Newton
Example: Whoopdifrickindo

Adopted Son: Hey Dad ! i just got an "A" in Drama and Art !

Dad: whoopdifrickindo son those classes won't get you anywhere in life.

Adopted Son: You just Swore ! *GASP*

Dad: No no no i Said "WhoopdiFRICKINdo". learn to listen or else i'll send you back to the orphanage.
by Kallem Newton March 26, 2016
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