it's me
im gay
I'm who is gay
by Entity588 November 16, 2020
If your reading this accept it and let others read it and be gay like you!
*psss*Who gay...You gay
by Yo dylans gay September 12, 2020
1. When you motion for a high five and once someone raises their hand for you you swiftly lower yours and ask who's gay.

2. This can also be used in a classroom or any other place where people may need to raise a hand or scream for some acknowledgement. such as concerts,press meetings, pep assemblys,etc.

this game never gets old
1. Bob: hey mike high five!
mike raises his hand bob slams his down
Bob: whos gay?
everyone else laughs at mike proving his homosexuality.

Mr. Diamond:who here drives a ford?
people raise hands
Bob: who's gay?
everyone laughs again
by Bobby LaCoque March 23, 2009
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by Jimbo LollyPop! March 27, 2005
This isn't a definition.

just... if someone buys it, they're gay.
peepo 1: *puts if this is put on a mug all who read it bigga gay on a mug*
peepo 2: now everyone who looks at that is gay. good job, retard.
by SZ ran out of chips November 9, 2018
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by __________E____________ August 12, 2018
If your reading the accept it and let other people read it so they will be gay like you.
by Yo dylans gay September 12, 2020