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A type of sushi that is prepared in a way so it is more appealing to a baka gaijin.

Whitizushi are always urimaki rolls, which have rice on the outside and nori (seaweed) hidden away on the inside. This because most gaijin will refuse to knowingly eat anything containing seaweed. But what fully distinguishes whitizushi from regular urimaki is its unconventional ingredients such as avocado or american mayonnaise as well as ridiculous non-japanese names such as "California roll", "Dragon Roll" or "Spider Roll".
Baka gaijin: "I'm hungry, let's get some sushi. I feel like California rolls."
Gaikokujin: "Oh, you're a fan of whitizushi?"
Baka gaijin: "Is that what it's called?"
Gaikokujin: "...Yes! California rolls, Spider Rolls, Dragon Rolls, those are all called whitizushi."
Baka gaijin: "Wow, that's so cool! I know a Japanese word now. I'm so worldly."
by GAW II July 16, 2009
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