someone who is not white, for example a black person, who acts incredibly white or exhibits elements of white culture. Meaning "white breed" or more commonly known as white washed.
Lisa: "wow, your boyfriend's cute. he acts so ghetto though!"

Janet: "Exactly. He ACTS like that cuz he's so white. whitebread...HA! yea, we sure love each other! ;)"
by ibeonitallnightman November 03, 2007
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An incredibly basic or boring person that brings nothing to the table in everyday life or conversation.

Someone you really don't want to be friends with.

Synonym: Mayo
Abbreviation: WB
"These girls I work with at my new job are the worst" -Jules
"Why?" -AP
"They're sooooo boring, just some straight up White Bread bitches.
by Snaplatts January 19, 2018
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A white slightly overweight girl, with no muscle tone, who resembles a loaf of white bimbo bread. Ghetto, Trashy, Outdated, Out of place
Who is that?

Oh, that’s just β€œwhite bread”
by A s d f g t November 16, 2019
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A caucasian male that is average, predictable, and usually boring. He may come from a wealthy family and is just like all of the other rich white kids..... basic
That guy is definitely white bread

My β€œtype” is white bread
by Lil tay’s sister June 04, 2018
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Whitebread, a predominantly or all white community, usually live in rural areas but not always. Anyone who is ethnic (including African) in appearance even in the slightest way, people will stop what they are doing and stare. Racial slurs may be spoken as a part of day to day talk and people will treat anyone who is not white as an outsider.
The phenomena of Whitebread occurs as white people in these areas are only breeding with other white people, thus the term White-Bread.
I went to the beach today, it was so Whitebread. Everyone stopped and stared as if they had never seen a insert race here before.
by J-Jim September 08, 2019
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