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n. A pejorative used to describe Republicans and members of the Tea Party movement. Common characteristics of pugs and baggers include light pigmentation, a whitebread middle-class up-bringing, a proud tradition of ignorance, a curious obsession with guns, a false sense of patriotism, a misunderstanding of Christ's teachings, a blind eye for fascist and religious authoritarianism, a dislike of blacks and Mexicans, disrespect for the natural world, and a propensity to uncritically embrace as truth anything broadcast on the Fox News channel.
Dude: That right-wing liar Andrew Breitbart sure is an asshole for trying to make Shirley Sherrod look like a racist.

Dude II: Yeah, but don't expect the pugs and baggers to condemn him. They still view him as a hero for that shit he pulled on ACORN.
by Jurgis Rudkus July 21, 2010
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