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Scam in which the mark is approached in public, typically in a strip mall or gas station parking lot. The version of the scam has different "stories" that go with it but the basic version is that guys work for some type of audio equipment company and have obtained by somebodys mistake an extra set of speakers that they need to sell for cash right away. They have phony invoices and warranties. The sticker on the speaker box will usually be between $2000-$3000. They will try to get $200-$500 for them. Of course when the mark buys them and takes them home, they are junk and sound worse than a clock radio, sometimes they damage the equipment they are plugged into. Commonly the brand name on the speaker is similar to a real high end speaker brand name, but not identical. Genesis seems to be a popular one, but their are others. The scam in so named because the perps usually are in a rented white van..
Ed started telling me about the great deal he got on speakers at the gas station, when I interrupted and asked if the brand was Genesis...and they he said... Ya, how did you know? White van scam dude.
by Teabag July 02, 2007
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