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The extra price people pay for "luxury" goods just because they were built by white people.

The white assembly tax inspires a false confidence in quality and and an unsupported assurance that the product is the best.

The white assembly tax is confirmed to be added to the price of a product if it is made in Germany, or some other European country.

Ikea and countries formerly part Soviet Union have been known to damage the effect.
It can apply to cars, apparel, even stationary.
Aaron prided himself in his crayon set purchase knowing that the wax was shaped and dyed in Germany.

As soon as Tim saw that the stapler was made in Italy, he took an instant liking to it, even though the stapler next to it from Myanmar was 20% cheaper due to the lack of white assembly tax. The Myanmar stapler also shot lasers and made long distance calls for free.

Apple is sneaky. They affix a "Designed in California" sign to justify the price premium for their products by the white assembly tax. However, they're stuff is still made in China.
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