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Basically a basic white girl trapped inside of an Indian body. The most basic of all Indian girls. This person owns a lot of of makeup products but never actually uses them. Wears bright floral clothing and uggs 24/7, loves the kardashians, use outdated white slang. They love mainstream pop songs. Commonly found in wealthy white suburban communities, shopping malls, and Trader Joe’s. Must own a pet turtle. Usually is involved in either tennis or dance. Talks about a mile a minute and is to date on all the gossip, especially about people in other Indian families. Is highly picky when it comes to food and may be vegan or vegetarian. Prefers water only exclusively without ice, and constantly shades white people for being incompetent.
person: my dad died

white indian: #awk

person: someone stole my car
white indian: rip

person: i’m getting a divorce

white indian: lolz

white person: did you hear that stephanie and tim broke up?
white indian: OMG i know and i heard from tim’s friend’s brother’s cousin that Tim has been cheating on her for months with Jessica, who left Brian for Tim after Brian went back into rehab. Though between us girls, I think Jessica is just with Tim for his money. He got that new job promotion, you know.
White person: this just happened 2 days ago...
White Indian: I know, where have you been??? Classic white person.
by lone._.pear June 08, 2018
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