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"White collar wasted" is getting wasted after work while still in business casual/formal. The more hours that pass after work, the better.

By 10 pm it becomes apparent to onlookers that you either are too drunk to go home and change, too lazy, or you are a douche. But you don't give a damn. You are white collar wasted.

Be respectful of those around you and loosen that tie.
Office coworker/recent college graduate: "Hey man, what are you doing after you go home from work today."

You: "I'm not going home; I'm getting white collar wasted."

Northwestern Mutual sales douche 1: "My hair is gelled, my face is bronzed up, I got juiced at the gym this morning, I'm wearing a suit, and it's 6 pm at the office on a Friday. What do I do now?"

Identical looking Northwestern Mutual sales douche #2: "Don't you dare loosen that tie. Let's get white collar wasted and hit on college bitches."
by gclax333 October 13, 2012
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