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whistling for cancer like you were calling you're dog!!

response to someone expressing concerns that an activity like eating or smoking, can have hidden potential, risks for cancer.
also, a 'devil may care', masochistic, 'don't give a damn'!, 'bring it on'!! attitude towards the 'called out' activity.

-if there were charlatans re: health all through history, why would we be any 'smarter' now? better technology is not a definite 'catch-all'. -cell phones are suspect now, lap held radar guns have proven to give cops 'ball' cancer, so why couldn't something as simple and innocuous as say, plastic; be a cancer causer?? (radio & cell waves?) asbestos and DDT, once worshiped; now have the 'stamp of the devil'

-hey, hey, hey, "its' all good!" -'whistle for cancer'!!
hey bull!, you sure eat a lot of 'shit sandwiches'! '-whistle for cancer'!!
you're not worried breathing all those paint fumes?? '-whistle for cancer'!!
-you sure got a thing for those cig-o-rets, mi-cole!! -whistle for cancer!
you could catch 'the' cancer soaking up all that 'tainted shot'!! -whistle for cancer!!
by michael foolsley February 04, 2010
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