Someone who's IQ may aswell be fucking 3000 but they really don't give a shit, they just chill and usually interact with others, telling them facts about subjects they know a lot about, they have a short temper and can put up the biggest fucking argument ever, but they're fun to be around,
they look forward to use such power to do something, but they can't really do much to help in their current situation, they can be a kid who knows about everything, sex and shit, or a college kid who don't use all their power and reserve it for fun, but its a really good time for them before they unleash their intelligence as they can befriend a lot of people, who can help them in future endeavours.
Brock: Did you see Scott?
Adam: You mean the lazy guy?
Brock: He's real hidden potential, he won in Chess, Monopoly, and the Game of Life without any effort, he gave me all the right answers for the finals, and he literally just plays video games everyday
by weird eye the science guy December 09, 2018
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