For over 20 years Bud Orr and the evolution of his company, Worr Game Products, were major forces in revolutionizing the world of paintball. His unassuming nature and industry insight were quite possibly two of the most influential aspects within the paintball industry. Interestingly enough, Bud’s contributions might never have happened if it were not for his daughter, Lynn. After she introduced him to the sport Bud was able to incorporate his knowledge of mechanics with his newfound passion for the sport of paintball.

For Bud, paintball became an instant and profound interest. By the Friday following his first experience at the Sat Cong Village (S.C. Village) field, Bud had not only purchased his own gun, but also successfully customized it with his “DC-9” system (named after it’s similarity in appearance to the DC-9 airplane tail) of double 2.5oz CO2 cartridges, which gave him over 200 shots between air changes; a feat that at the time was unheard of. By today’s standards this may not seem like a big deal; however in the early days of paintball the average marker would be lucky to offer 15 shots.

Bud’s innovative ideas and unique customizing drew much attention from the other players at his home field. As a result, Bud’s newfound reputation as a “Paintball Gun-Smith” had several players requesting Bud to customize their markers as well. Within a few months, the demand for Bud’s talent was increasing by leaps and bounds. He soon found him¬self hauling a trailer full of equipment to S.C. Village every weekend for a couple of years. Bud continued customizing markers more often than actually playing with them. In the spring of 1987 Bud moved into a per-manent shop at S.C. Village in order to service the constant and steady stream of between-game players needing a tank filled or a gun repaired, or wanting one of his custom modifications.

This small shop was part of the beginning of what is now known as WGP (Worr Game Products) and eventually the demand for Bud’s services and products forced him to expand and move from his home garage where the Sniper was created into a single space in an industrial complex. There, Bud began mass production of the Sniper. In 1990 Bud followed up the Sniper with the introduction of the world’s first ever Autococker®. By the time Bud had introduced his trademark Autococker®, the single space he started out with had expanded to include the entire complex. Later, in July of 2002, WGP’s expansion took it to a 72,000 square foot facility in Corona, California to meet the increasing demands of a hungry Worr Games following.

Now, seven years later, the Worr Games complex has relocated to Carlsbad, California into a state of the art research and design facility under the leadership of Bud’s son, Jeff Orr. Assuming the same visionary qualities of his father, Jeff has taken the direction of Worr Game Products to completely new levels by incorporating foreword leaning design technologies into a completely new marker line up. This, in addition to paying respect to the historical heritage of WGP, Jeff is also introducing his signature “Jeff Orr Series” line of Autococker® markers as a historical, limited edition, collector’s series for die hard WGP enthusiasts.

WGP’s first company motto was, “No job too tough... From mild to wild,” and although WGP’s products have evolved over the years, Bud, and now Jeff, remain true to the original motto. WGP’s development has been a gradual and trying process, but one full of excitement and innovation. The dream born in a small garage has now developed into what is undoubtedly a resurgent leader in the world of quality paintball markers. Worr Game products has always been, and will continue to be, known as a company dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, and superior cus¬tomer service. Own a piece of history and understand why WGP markers and accessories are known as the best in paintball for quality and accuracy.
by joe62 September 26, 2008
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