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Basically meaning "Kick ass", but according to its originator, a cross between waxy and sexy; exactly what a cross between waxiness and sexiness would produce was never adequately explained.
The new Unreal Tournament game looks pretty god damn wexxy.
by OCE November 02, 2003
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Wexxy refers to an exercise system designed and developed by me Ray Burton-Doughty The Wexxy Pole gives the upper body a good muscle workout while a person is in the process of exercise walking, hiking. It basically looks like a waxed hiking/walking stick or pole that is strong yet flexible. There are a series of special exercises to execute that I have especially developed to build upper body muscle tone and strength, while at the same time contributing to weight loss by burning many more calories that just plain evryday walking. It is also a self defence system based on the Japanese martial art "bojutsu". So . . . you have the words walking combined with exercise and flexible to arrive at the word Wexxy. the name of my product is the original "Wexxy Pole". patented and registered as "Wexxy Fitness Systems" along with the domain names and and yes, it is a kick ass fitness system for everyone.
I'm want to be super fit and kick ass at the game on the weekend, so I'm going to walk five miles everyday this week and work out with my Wexxy Pole.
by Ray Burton-Doughty February 12, 2004
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