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Wewack is a term used to define a retarded person. It is not a polite word. People often screw up their faces when they say the word and bang their knuckles together in a spastic fashion. A Wewack is genetically different from mainstream humanity due to a difference in their chromosomal makeup. The word was first derived from a school in Australia called "Wewack school". The school catered for special children, of which many (or all? )were children with Down Syndrome. The term "wewack" is most commonly used by people who live in the vicinity of wewack school. When saying the word "wewack" intonation should be raised for "We" and lowered for "wack"; also, the "e" sound is often stretched for emphasis.
*Bob does something stupid*
"Good one Bob, ya wewack!"
by weeeewackmoo July 14, 2008
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