Let me give you a scenario. You just came out of the pool and you're running to the toilet because you have the runs. Your swim pants are stuck to your legs and when you finally arrive at the toilet, you almost slip and fucking die from the water. You sit down and try to pull your shorts down to take that massive shit, but it's stuck to your legs because it's all wet, so you have to unstick it yourself. Then the toilet gets all wet, your ass is wet, and you're taking a shit all at the same time. The shit slides down into the toilet easily because your ass is wet, from the pool water. then when the shit stops you try to wipe your ass but since your cheeks are wet, the toilet paper glues to your asshole and it's just stuck there. you can't get it out, its just stuck. you try to use another paper to take it out, that one gets glued too. you give up and wipe the shit with your hands, then fall asleep on the toilet from the chaos that had ensued.
person1: I took a wet poo yesterday at tims pool party. I was afraid of going back to the pool!
person2: same
by wetpooman September 11, 2021
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