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A city north of Milwaukee Wisconsin. It has a cozy downtown, two theaters and park systems for all under 21, can be covered in about three days. if you are 21 or over, you can find more to do because of bars, otherwise you will be bored to the point of beating off with a cheese grater. this place sucks, unless you live within ten minutes (ie. Kewaskum, Jackson, Slinger) where there is somehow, even less to do. what ever old fuck runs this place spends over 6 million annually on the police force, more than anything else such as roads, sewers, important things like that. because this place is a rapidly grown republican pocket, the school districts are running out of room for students and no one wants to spend a couple extra bucks for renovations. If you are able to find something to do in this town for a whole season (bars don't count) you must be easily content or insane. the best parties in west bend are actually not held in west bend, but rather farther out, because if you have just one to many people at your party it's going to get busted.

on the lighter side. Ripely's believe it or not declared this city to be the ONLY city in the United states that was not effected by the great depression in the 30's. AL Capone had a hide out in this town and it was one of his major bootlegging areas. nominated tree city USA, and many other cool things. great place to get old and die, bad place to be young and energetic.
Dude A: Jesus and Mary, What is there to do in West Bend?

Dude B: Bowling, parks, movies

Dude A: did that, did that, did that. boring

Dude B: We could go by that one chicks party.

Dude A: Busted.

Dude B: *click* *BANG*

Dude A: I feel your pain bro.
by dude one that April 22, 2009
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The most conservative city in Wisconsin. Also the clique-ey-est city in wisconsin. Mostly consists of snobby people that only shop at hollister. or fucked up emos. More girls are getting pregnant by the day. North of Milwaukee. named because it is on the west bend of the milwaukee river.
Look at those snobby bitches. must be from west bend...
by woohoo354314354 July 18, 2008
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A pretty awesome place in Wisconsin. Home to a lot of sweet kids and cool parties. Anyone who disses West Bend really has no idea what they're talking about and they're probably from Kewaskum (that must suck :S)
"Where are those kids from?"
"West Bend."
"Shit, they must be cool."
"Yeah, for sure. Good thing they aren't from Skumtown.."
by Katie45741 November 23, 2008
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