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the small city bordering redwood city that is known as the "hidden hood" is the hood of west menlo with the drug and murder rates low because of clever hiding the evidence....the slang here is similar to EPA and has one street that stretches about 7 blocks which is the most dangerous, Barey ave. is the most dangerous of all the streets in west menlo.
EX: WEST MENLO PARK "waysup my rogue i finna go up my bitches house u wanna roll with me homie"
EX: "Yo balla im gun king it wit my dawg from uptown tonite...u down"
EX': "AY homie these east rogues just rolled on my boi and stabbed hiim in the side homie,,,,take dem niggaz out due'"
EX: "rogue i be reppin tha west menlo boiii we ride fo the heat nigga"
by nikky g 650 October 14, 2009
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