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NOUN: a were sellout is a part of the were community (i.e a person who believes he/she has the soul of an animal in them: see were)who is only a were because he/she was told it was "cool." Also, were sellouts travel in packs and divert attention from their own shittiness by claiming you can only have the spirit of an animal native to your state inside of you. Idiotic, though it is, they follow this belief with vigor and will accuse you of selling out if ou live in Vermont and have, say, a lion spirit. Because we all know animal spirits need to obey the political borders of the world. Obviously. Omniscient beings bow down to the divine power of the highway patrol.
"Whoa, that dude pisses me off. Just because he moved to Idaho, he can be a wolf were? Sellout."
by Damon Mudd June 10, 2005
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