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an expression; means your happy or something good happened
there's that party over at josh's, weo weo
by jgklajieh June 29, 2006
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short for Wikipedia Executive Officer; absurdly self-righteous individual, usually an editor or admin, who mistakes the Wikipedia for the Encyclopedia Britannica or the cultural equivalent of their local homeowners' association or co-op board.
"We were going to see Willy Wonka, but Gwendy decided we should see Yes instead."

"Who died and made her W.E.O.?"
by Tomohiro July 21, 2005
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Whore Engine Optimization - Term used when updating many online dating profiles with new content because you have noticed low va-jay-jay hole hits.
1- I better update my WEO as it has been a bit since the beef bus has made a stop at tuna town.

2- My girl died in a gangbang. Let me do a little WEO and get back to harvesting poon from the tang fields.
by Adamlongdong Feldbomb June 29, 2012
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Yes, it's me.
I'm Korean, and i'm proud of it. I like to kick asses of white people. I hate Japs, rednecks, WASPs, Maple Leafs, and British.
Yes, it's me.
by WeO April 19, 2004
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Ambulance noise, this word was created by romika dhillon. It was her expression.
Weooo hehee
by Orangeclicker August 10, 2017
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