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a fucking uglyass whore who has no idea what the hell she's doing when she's a band director. half of the time she's hooking up with other disgusting fatasses, and her face is a fucking mess.
Band student 1: "wendy wilson is disgusting. She forces us to play shitty songs, and she can't even teach!"

Orchestra student: "that's why you shits sound so bad lmao"

Band student 2: "at least she has a plump ass.."

Orchestra student: "gross!"
by a poor child June 17, 2019
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A fucking whore the nobody fucking likes and got divorced fucking twice aka a fucking slutty ass bitch with no life like fucking duh she's a fucking band conducter who always looses your fuckin papers
Don't end up like Wendy Wilson.
by Person with a huge dick March 10, 2015
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