1. an indfferent response to any statement
2. to show slight disapproval of the current situation
person 1: "do you guys wanna get hammered tonight?"

person 2: "dude, its a tuesday"

person 1: "well man"
by patey November 21, 2011
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Well I man derives from the Geordie term wey aye man generally referring to a shocking subject which causes an individual to questions ones validity of a claim as geordies have evolved the term has changed slightly using well instead of wey
For instance: I went shopping today and some girl offered me a blow job; general Geordie response "well aye man"
by the dictorian October 22, 2013
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'well aye man' means 'yes of corse' or it could mean just agreeing to somthing good.
e.g.1- person1 " that bitch is canny fit like isnt she"
person2 " well aye. "

e.g2 person1 " you coming to get smashed at the pub tonight?"
person2 " well aye man. "

'well aye man' or 'well aye'
by davidmid5 June 23, 2006
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