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This combination of the words "welfare" and "republican" describes certain groups of people who are vocal and demonstrative of their conservative pride while being the beneficiary of government money or services. These people include but are not limited to; retired tea party backers, government subsidized farmers, and any Republican that is an Alaska resident.
"Government keep your hands off my Medicare!"

"Congress has so much pork in the spending bill we might not get the new (insert thing here) that representative (insert local reps name here) promised during his campaign."

"I believe in the free market; where is my state check?"

A welfublican also will use the terms Marxism, fascism, socialism… etc - to describe anything regarding the government and regulations.

"Barak Obama wanting the government to inspect all the food coming into port shows he is a Marxist Hitler socialist terrorist!"
by Nononsense1973 June 13, 2010
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