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One who scams, tabs, bums or in some severe cases thieves another persons ganja and/or finds persuasive tactics to make the smoking of the herb more pleasurable to his/herself by diminishing the enjoyment of fellow marijuana smokers, or by denying any buds to spare to there always generous buddies who are really croking for a toking.
1.You don't have a bud to spare do you? I smoked all mine.
2.Listen man, your going to have to keep the bowl brewing for me, my hands are to cold.
3.Thanks for smoking me up man, ill pay you later, i need my five bucks to get a half.
4.Come on man, i coughed, that doesn't count as a puff.
5.Oh sorry dude, i thought you said five puff pass.
6.Thanks for lending me your pipe bro, i cleaned all the rezzin out for you.
7.Sorry man i have to nip this joint, i need some for when i get home.
8.I smoke up with a weed fiend and didn't get high :(
by billy boy bottle rocket June 16, 2008
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