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Someone who insists their weed is superior to all others. They will say that their weed is the shit and that yours sucks. They also care much more about knowing what the stupid strand names are than actually smoking the fucking weed.
"Dude I got the best fucking herb yesterday. It's called Lemon Kush. It's the shit dude it's so much better than that cheap crap you smoke."

"Ah shut the fuck up you fucking weed snob."
by Anita Bongload June 01, 2009
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refer to pot head that only smokes hydroponic marijuana and who refuses to smoke cheap mexican dirt weed or swag.
Don't bother paasing that mexican dirt weed joint to him, he is a weed snob.
by rust shackleton October 26, 2005
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A person who will only take the first hit of a bowl and will never smoke already burnt weed.
Nah you finish it I'll pack another said the weed snob
by LPZ85 August 09, 2016
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