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The act of preying upon innocent people with photography. (Taking pictures of innocent people on the street from your hotel room.)
I heard Solvista is on vacation in Mumbai. Let's hope he's found new levels of weastiality.
by Weaste June 30, 2010
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The act of taking photographs of women while hiding in a bush wearing a dress.
To be paticipating in the act of Weastiality one most become a transexual for a day and a voyeur for life. Targets must be women with huge breasts and a nice ass.
by Dogfgfggfg July 02, 2010
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To indulge in the act of covertly photographing unsuspecting passers by in order to satisfy a perverse voyeuristic fantasy.
Hmm, the suns out, the girls are scantily clad. I think I'll indulge in a spot of Weastiality.
by G gekko July 06, 2010
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