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the response to someone when they say something stupid or something you dont want to hear.
a sound someone makes when they are bored.
like when a girl is telling you about something you dont care about.. like gossip or stupid shit like that

girl- "omg he is so annoying.. it just makes me crazy....blah blah blah..."
me- "weah"

by Dan Luisi March 04, 2007
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An expression of disappointment, sadness, or discontent. The counterpart of wordyay.
I've got to work tomorrow so I can't get hosed tonight. Weah.
by Phlagellum September 09, 2003
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The expression of joy upon witnessing something executed with great skill. Named after the former football George Weah.
by Murdy September 20, 2003
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A. A greeting between close friends B. To get your close friends attention to indicate there is something that should be viewed ie: a hot chick
β€œWeah!” (with a head nod )
by RossMcWade June 02, 2018
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