A texting acronym used by Trinidadians. Stands for What De Mudda Cunt?
Suarez push de ball out de goal with his hands and now he claimin he being hailed as a hero? wdmc?
by scoonani July 3, 2010
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Abbreviated for m of "What de modda cunt". Slang used to express anger, confusion or awe. Abbreviated form used when texting.
Henry: " So David I may have killed your dog"
David: " Wdmc David! "
by Cheshire.pdf February 24, 2020
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(what di moda cont) A St. Lucian phrase that is used to express shock, disgust, annoyance, surprise and more.
Disgust- "gasa i fok a ting deh n she fart on my wood"

"mob wdmc"

Shock "Gasa you know my muhn cheat on me?"

"For true? wdmc?"

Annoyance- "Ashley i tell u stop breaking n entering my house i eh want you! wdmc!"

Surprise- "AA you know i pregnant"

"at your old age? Wdmc!"
by Wdmc oi July 28, 2023
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