1 Ultra-mega totally so.
2 Further reenforcement of afore-mentioned 'way,'
3. I agree with you entirely.
1. 'Hello early nineties Christian Slater, what's that, Do I wanna fuck you? Duh. Wayway.

2.Kate: No Way!
Kitty: Way.
Kate: Omigod. No. Nooooooo way!
Kitty: Chuh. Wayway.

3. Kate: That bitch needs slapped.
Kitty: Wayway
by kitty garcia November 28, 2005
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Its a day whic occurs on the 9th of every month where we celebrate people all over the world with the name wayway
Hey guys did u hear its national wayway day ?
Guys my favorite holiday is national wayway day
by Wayway_the_girll May 09, 2021
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