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Expressing contentment or satisfaction with something. Agreeing or championing a turn of events.
That concert was way-o!
by Limio April 16, 2007
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a slang or jargon word wid absoulotly no meaning it just fun to say especialy by the girls Libby and Collette
"Let me here u say Wayo!"
by Betty February 19, 2005
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A term used out of frustration or anger towards his/herself's own retardation. Commonly used when situations are getting heated.
"Hey man you never even broke in your hoo-"
"Yo chill little downie"
by crayon99 February 19, 2015
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A cunning or mischievous person. A fraudster or fast person. Pronounced 'why-o'.
He used wayo to get Susan to go home with him knowing fully well he wanted to sleep with her.
by King Sav 21 G August 24, 2019
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