A phrase from the movie Eegah where a disembodied voice says "Watch out for snakes". the term is used by MSTies because the phrase became a joke throught the show.
Check your serve and watch out for snakes
by Crowtrobot May 7, 2008
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To keep an eye out for people who you think you can trust, but will end up stabbing you in the back.
Chris "I thought Rey was a bro but him and his girl haven't been talking to me. So I asked her what was wrong and she said that he sees me as a threat and he told her to stop talking to me. Even though when they were going to break up I vouched for him and told her not to because I thought he was a good guy."
Ed: "Gotta watch out for the snakes bro!"
by Sir.Darkfox November 4, 2015
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