Watson is a last name of a fictional charicter in
Shurlock Holmes novels and was the trusty side kick.
professor Watson was considered to be a trustworthy
man or confidaunt to Holmes and in the use of slang
terms in its time was considered to be a complement
and at the same time as an insult because it implys
that the person is of less intelegence.The word Watson
was a term used by police to describe people of less
experience that attempted to assist the police without
any formal training in the law enforcement field.Most
often the term was used by frustrated east coast police
officers and detectives.It later was used to describe rouge
ombudsmen or spys and later became a word to describe someone
who explores new territory.

Later it was used to decribe the action of the journey rather than the
person and was misspelled waston.The misspelling of
the word stuck and was later used to describe homeless
people and drug addicts and people poorly dressed
and was pronounced Waste on.This later evolved into
the discription of an action as well as the the discription
of out dated clothing in disrepair.This further evolved
to describe poorly dressed oriental woman and later
evolved again to describe
oriental prostitutes and strippers "Waston Wastoff"But is now more widely used to
describe all under weight woman expecially those that
are combatant and militant.

two dolla waston ho luv you long time cotton mouth jones and eyes like a muppet goin every where
like you gonna catch flys with that.

by Jolly Joy September 8, 2006
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