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pronounced both "W-A-S-D 'ing" and "wasding", this is simplj just an alternate and somewhat semi-1337 term to convey that someone is playing a first-person-shooter on a computer. this relation comes to existance due to the fact that in most fps games for pc, one must use the w,a,s, & d keys to move forward, left, back, and right, respectively. this could also pertain to third person shooters, certain platformers, and pretty much any game where there is an overhead camera which follows one significant character, being controlled by said wasd'er.
"hey Zach, is Levi over there wasd'ing again?"

"yeah, here comes Mr. Haygood. I think this is gonna be the third time he's been caught today..."

"hah, pwnd"
by stealth_sim1 January 21, 2005
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