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A college in Asheville, North Carolina that believes in "the triad." Students are required to work 15 hours a week and do 25 hours of service per year and still take classes. While students are expected to pay nearly $40,000+ dollars to attend, they are compensated for the work that they are required to do by adding a measly $3500 to the already pricey tuition.

"A hippie school in the woods, where everyone smokes weed and lays in the grass."
"dub dub c"
pot heads
Warren wilson college
by JulietteHab October 13, 2013
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Warren wilson college is a 4-year private liberal arts college. Set in the Swannanoa Valley of western NC, wwc is surrounded by some of the most beautiful views. There are 25 miles of hiking trails on campus, some of which follow the swannanoa river. Wwc follows a system called The Triad, were students have a wholesome learning experience through academics, service, and work. There are over 80 work crews on campus such as farming, woodshop, garden, autoshop, dining, and pretty much anything needed to keep the school running students all take part in. With a small number around 800-1000 students, wwc has small class sizes and personable professors. Amazing sustainable agriculture, environmental, biology, and writing programs. there are a lot of "hippies" at this school. Not surprising at all to see people barefoot in class. With the small class size it's also common to have class outside. In biology for example my class went out to the trails and identified the native plants we found. It can be pricey to go here since it is a private school, but a little gets paid off from the work program but they are also really good with giving financial aid and scholarships. I love visiting all the animals here like the cows horses and pigs. This school is honestly so amazing
"Warren Wilson College Is for hippies"
"Warren wilson is for anyone whos chill and also a hardworker"
by WWC-owls July 18, 2017
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