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a wondferful city located in houston county in central georgia, about 20 minutes south of macon (mac-town). the air force base is the center of the city employing about 50% of the population. 90% of stores and retailers (the mall, wal-mart, kroger, movies etc) can be located on watson which runs through most of the city. warner robins has 3 high schools. houston county high aka "hoco" which is noted for is academic excellence and "rich kids", warner robins high which is noted for its sports, and northside which has white people as the minority. there is also perry high located right outside warner robins, and often forgotten. warner robins has a church located on every corner, and at least one car accident a day. the roads are always under construction but you get used to it. there is also low crime. all in all, warner robins is a great place to live. come visit us!
if you live in kathleen, centerville or byron, you really live in warner robins.
by hoco08 July 04, 2006
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place in ga, where all there is to do is look at this shitty website.
enjoy if you're from around here.
by david slocum January 10, 2005
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A southern town placed in Middle Earth, I mean, Middle Georgia that you pass by on the freeway and you're like "Who the hell would live there?"
"Hey, why don't you come on down to Warner Robins so we can go mud boggin?!"

"Why don't I go and do what???"
by Betch007 August 13, 2012
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A city in Georgia right next to Macon, sometimes referred to as War Town. Why? Because it’s a constant cluster fuck of angry old people, stoners, and mostly meth heads. If you live there, you will definitely get your house broken into a some point but you’ll get used to it.
Bro Warner Robins has that fire Mexican meth
by Engaginglylost July 05, 2018
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