3. Definitions 1 and 2 are largely accurate, but require a critical revision: as mentioned in definition #1, this is a beverage particularly popular on Midwestern U.S. college campuses. What gives it that special oomph -- what puts the wap in wapatuli -- is the introduction of 190 proof (95%) Everclear grain alcohol into the mix.

It also helps to know someone with access to an industrial-sized dishwasher, such as can be found in many campus cafateria kitchens, that can accomodate the garbage can/punch bowl. The foregoing information was had by experience, University of Wisconsin-Madison, circa 1973.
That wapatuli sure sneaks up on a guy.
by Curtiss203 June 12, 2009
Mid-West collage party drink or WapParty
Each guest to the party brings a bottle of alcohol. All the alcohol is mixed in a large garbage can or other suitable container. Several different kinds of juice are added along with sliced apples, oranges, kiwi, pineapple, papaya. Just about any kind of fruit will work. It is best served over ice in a plastic cup. There are several different recipes. It is also called:Wapatui, wapatooly, wapatoolie, hairy buffalo, Jesus juice, trashcan punch, Tequila punch
Quick Wap
1 large can of fruit cocktail
1 bottle rum
1 bottle vodka
1 bottle gin
1 bottle southern comfort whiskey

Standard Wapatuli
3 bottle 750 ml Blts each Gin Rum Vodka
5 Gallons Apple Cider
5 Gallons Lemonade
5 Gallons Orange Juice
1 Case Beer
30 Lbs Ice
Chop Up Pineapple, Oranges, Melons, or Your Choice of Fruit

Collins Wapatuli
1 gallon of Vodka
1 bottle of Tom Collins Mix
2 cans of Pineapple (Diced)
2 Apples (Diced)
2 Kiwis (Sliced)
1 Lime (Sliced)
Fruit Punch (To taste)
Sugar (To taste)

TEQUILA Wapatuli
2 lemons, 2 limes, 2 oranges, ice, cup of sugar
5th of TEQUILA
Shake for an ½ hour
by D Gunderson August 2, 2006