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Wacky antic. Can connote forced wackiness, but not necessarily.
"When Olivia saw Jimbo ride by on a ridiculously small tricycle, she realized that she had grown weary of his wantics."
by zobo April 23, 2006
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'Wantics' is the kind of word that only an extremely bored and under-challenged worker could come up with while passing through a quiet period of work, or 'down time'. It's meaning is basically the mindless banter that comes from the quiet times in work when not much else it to be immediately achieved - 'Work Antics'. A temporarily lazy and un-motivated action at work that can be explained as nothing other than a 'Work Antic'
"Hey, take a silly photo of me holding this pen!" said Jadin. Reaching for her phone, Emily snaps the photo and laughs saying, 'Wantics!"

Jadin stands on Emilys foot under the desk. Emily stands on his foot, and Jadin on Emilys, and they repeat this process until they both peer over top of their computers and say, "Wantics".
by Loo_ June 05, 2016
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