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1. A person who generally shocks 'normal' people but annoys actual non-comformists by saying and doing things that millions of other people have done in an atempt to be a rebel. They also don't mean a single word they say.
Wannabe: I love death and Satan, and I hate wearing pants because everyone else wears pants.
Normal: Oh my god, you're such a freak!
Non-comformist: ....
by Valley80sgurl May 04, 2005
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Someone who bases their views on what others do. They do stuff/say stuff/think stuff that will make them seem like a rebel/non-comformist. They say they dislike something, simply because the majority of the people like it. They say they like something if most people hate it. Or, it can be when you base your views on what will make you seem like a rebel.
Alcohol is cool. I like alcohol.

Everyone likes playing Duck-Duck-Goose? I hate playing Duck-Duck-Goose!

What? You like Best Buy? How can you like it? Dude, I hate that stupid store!
by FishnetChantal April 13, 2005
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somebody who hates something everyone else likes, just because they think it makes them different or non-conformist. often emo or punk kids think they are non-conformist because they dress different than everyone else, but when in reality they are just conforming to their perception of non-conformity. real conformists do not care whether something is popular or not, they just wear it because they like it.
"Wannabe non-conformist- I went into Hot Topic today and saw this prep walk in wearing a pink polo shirt. What a conformist!

Me- No dipshit, they came in because they like the store. They are true non-conformists."

"Wannabe non-conformist- I am so pissed! I found Less Than Jake years ago and they're getting famous so now I can't listen to them, or else I'm just another damn conformist.

Non-conformist- I found them years ago too, but I'm still going to listen to them because I like their music."
by Chrissa K July 24, 2008
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a stupid fucked up label of teenage society that makes no sense. Like saying you're a "non-human human" which isn't grammarically correct. So shut up with the labels because they're shit and they only hurt people.
Label someone again with ANY stupid tags, I'm gonna beat you over the head with a lead pipe.
by xboxmunky March 29, 2005
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Nobody can be a "wannabe non-conformist."
Because first of all, a non-conformist dosen't conform to anything, or dosen't want to and is their own unique and individual person. A wannabe is a poser. So being a "wannabe non-conformist" is like being a non-human human. You can't be. You're either human or not (in this case conformist or not) It's the illiterate dinguses that call people "wannabe non-conformist" trying to sound smart and non-conformist.. it's also the same people that think linkin park is punk. Morons.
HAHA! You have long hair and always wear black, your a conformist!

Whoa, dude, you wore neo fluorescant colors, that's so non-conformist.

You're not goth, but you dress like one, your poser. (that's how you call someone a "wannabe non-conformist")
by xboxmunky March 28, 2005
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