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A type of sex that is defined by its speed; it is a blend word, wank (masturbation) and shag (sex). It is characterized by its speed, it is quick (usually 2 minuutes or under from penetration to male ejaculation). It usually takes place in only one position and involves the male (or in homosexual sex - the dominant partner)holding their partner still and controlling the movement and penetration during sex themselves. The wankshag is usually performed when a couple are together and the male (or dominat partner) is to lazy to have a proper sex session but wants to ejaculate quickly; it is the equivalent of a wank, but in a sexual act. It is not be confused with the Quickie (a quck sex session), where there is a desire to satisfy the other partner as well as themselves.
He was really horny but couldn't be bethered to have a long session, so settled for a wankshag instead.

She was dissapointed,, she had expected a long sex session,but had endured a wankshag instead.
by Max Packard August 11, 2007
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