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as he stood behind me the wang wrangler yelled yippee ky yaw!
by m chapman April 25, 2003
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Overt masturbator

see actual
also see golrien
Sam! Justin! Stop being a couple wang wranglers and get me some pie.
by Retro083 November 05, 2003
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a person of the cowboy persuasion who visually conveys a sense of overall gayness, commonly found wearing uncomfortably tight blue jeans
No one could say for sure, but the pink cowboy hat and the comically oversized sherrif's star made him look like the biggest wangwrangler in the entire honky tonk saloon.
by Marcel Hunt September 25, 2005
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HOMO-SEXUAL, or a man who likes to ding a dong, if you know what i mean!? (dicky up the chufter)
Look at that pair of WANGWRANGLERS at the bar.
by DARREN McTADLEY April 24, 2008
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