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Method of smoking cannabis in which the smoker takes a large toke, stands with their back against a wall, crosses arms across chest, then has a partner press on their chest/arms slowly but forcefully as the smoker exhales slowly (or attempts to). Causes massive head rush and intensifies the hit. Usually ends with smoker on the ground.
Me and my buds got so zooted taking turns doing wall hits last weekend.
by Stickier Mickey June 27, 2011
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From the term "I've hit the wall", it can be used to describe anything that is a bummer, nightmare, or frustrating.

Kudos to Leon from Inflight, Seal Beach CA for coining the term!
Going to the mall on Black Friday is a major wallhit = no parking, large crowds, and long checkout lines! You're over it dude, it's a total wallhit...
by Contivertible63 January 01, 2010
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