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1) hunting: the way you approach your object of desire

2) virtual communication: to walk through someone's social networking profiles and other virtual traces while chatting with that person (similar to talk'n'stalk)

3) making out: to pretend to read text messages while going for a walk with your date, though you are actually checking out his/her digital fingerprint
1) father to son: "When we go hunting tomorrow morning, I'll teach you how to walk'n'stalk!"

2) Tim to Jon: "Last night I talked to Mary on Skype, but she never answered right away, so I think she was walk'n'stalking me..."

3) Jen to Jess: "On Sunday, I went on this date with Blake and he told me that he was single, but then I pretended to have gotten a message from you, although I actually checked his facebook profile where I found out that he'd just made out with his girlfriend last night. This walk'n'stalk kept me from going any further with that liar!"
by ricci-s May 01, 2009
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