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An enourmous bushland in the waikato region. the wakatipu woods are famous for their diverse range of wildlife. the most common creature known to frquent this area is the infamous wakatipu yeti (all yetis r of course lesbians), the wakatipu yeti has bin the subject of several books, such as "that yeti stole my..." the rest of the title is of course unknown, it was in fact lost wen the wakatipu woods made an escape attempt bak in 84, understandably, the rangers had to do sumthin and unfortunatly it did result in the speargun having to b got out of the landrover.
person1: im taking a hiking trip in the wakatipu next sunday, do u wonna come.

person2: nah sry i cant mate im actually severly allergic to being raped by 8 foot tall lesbians.

person1: ok
by sinjinstjohnson July 27, 2005
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