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Also known as Swagnar or hairy nugget. This man loves to correct people, although most of the time he doesn't really know what he is actually talking about. Mr Steven Wagnar is very odd to look at, as he is very short and hunched, although this doesn't stop him from being the best over 40's Hockey player ever. He loves to brag about his long and prosperous hockey career, and is quick to remind anyone how good he actually is. Everyone knows a Wagnar, and often wishes they didn't as he can be very tedious to be around and very debilitating on ones education if they ever have the misfortune of having him as a teacher. This man believes that hockey is the best sport on earth and that Michael Phelps is not a real athlete, he also goes by the idea that Physics is the only science that matters and loves to mock anyone who says other wise.
Jack: Oh look Jay, It's Mr Wagnar waving at some birds.
Jay: Oh.
Mr Wagnar: Hahahaha-PHYSICS!
by Richards Rocks August 21, 2016
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