noun Origin: wacky + activist = wacktivist. A crazy person intensely involved in insane protest campaigns.
Ane member of PETA or the Earth Liberation Front; most members of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club and other wacktivist organizations.
by Vandana Shiva February 5, 2004
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Research shows that activists actually know less about the causes they champion than the average person. Instead, they’re in the cause to fill the emptiness in their lives and feel they’re doing something important. The community they form with similarly-minded zealots also addresses their loneliness. Passionate about causes they know little about, these people get in the way of advocates who employ sound strategy trying to make positive changes to the world. Wacktivists attack sane people because wacktivists fear their problems being “solved.” What would fill the emptiness then?
Don’t bother going to Creating Change. It’s just a convention of wacktivists.
by AlfredE May 19, 2022
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