An individual or place that is so unbelievably wack that you cannot explain its level of wackness. This simply makes them wacktastic.
I can't stand working at this damn gym, this place is straight up "wacktastic!"

Man, that girl is don gone "wactastic"...look at dem shoes!

I can't stand how all these "wacktastic" individuals on facebook need to let me know what they're doing every second of every damn day.
by Brother_david March 2, 2012
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totally nerdy way of saying wack(a white boy espression)usually used by white boys in the ghetto and they usually get shot by 20 black gangsters
WHITEY: sup my nigger, thats a totally wacktastic tattoo on your ass.
BLACK GANGSTER: shut the fuck up white trash....bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
WHITEY: what the fuck nigger you broke my glasses.
by ASHANTI JONES February 28, 2004
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