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Jamaican slang for greeting someone: English- "Whats going on?".

Increasingly popular in London, New York, Florida and Canada.
John: yow man! waa-gwaan?
Ezra: nuttin much, tell mi nuh.

(John: hey man! whats going on?

Ezra: Nothing much, you tell me.)
by adriott June 09, 2009
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A greeting commonly used in the UK amoungst gang members.
"Waagwaan blud, like the trim"

"Safe yeah"
by TCI December 23, 2006
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Wa a Gwaan is the same thing as saying whats going on and it is used by most jamaicans or other islanders
Sheldon: Wa a Gwaan sah..

Al: Nuttin a gwaan...
by El Jefe Grande May 08, 2008
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