Wiggle and Jiggle. A sexy way for a woman to walk that includes thrust-out tits and a swaying ass.
by JamesXC February 24, 2008
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Five in the brown and one reach-around; a festive and fun sex act at Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania.
Me: My nephew is going to college at W&J!
My bro (who graduated from W&J): The best part of freshman year at W&J is getting your first W&J shocker from your roommate!
by Ghostaxe March 22, 2019
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Person 1: Are you gay?
Person 2: no, why?
Person 1: j/w
by CiRKuS November 6, 2003
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It Stands For Just Wondering. it can also be jw.
Mostly used for Chatting or Instant Messaging or Email.
Punkxx23: What are you doing Saturday?
cutieWitaBottie: nothing. why?
Punkxx23: j/w
by Sliverxx45 September 4, 2006
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