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A punch to the face that is administered with such force that shockwaves ripple through the victim's skin. If done correctly, it also has a time-slowing effect. Named for an awesome Pantera album, the cover of which displays an ideal vulgar display of power (abbreviated VPD).
I couldn't stand that punk's constant whining, so I gave him a vulgar display of power. Now he's dead.
by b33ftink September 24, 2007
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When someone takes their shirt off, and the moment you see them when no shirt, one of the following happens:
1. Your brain melts.
2. A black hole suddenly appears next to you, sucking everything into it.
3. Death to all those around that person.
4. The president is assassanated.
5. Blindness.
He showed a vulgar display of power, and everyone died.
by The Alabama Kid June 13, 2008
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